» Verifying a UKAS E-Certificate

UKAS transferred to electronic certificates of accreditation on Monday 9th December 2019. This initiative stems from our strategic priorities and marks the start of the modernisation and improvement of our online services for both customers and stakeholders.

UKAS accreditation e-certificates can be displayed in a digital format on websites and social media, as well as in printed form. Regardless of how it a certificate is presented, there are mechanisms in place for the verification of the certificate providing traceability back to UKAS.  Anyone wishing to verify a UKAS Certificate of Accreditation can do so by using the QR Code feature, or by following the unique URL associated with each e-certificate. Please see the short video below which contains further information about the different ways in which an e-certificate can be verified and provides a preview of the new platform:

It is important to note that this does not impact or replace the Schedule of Accreditation document that details the scope of an organisations accredited activities. This certificate should be considered in conjunction with an organisations schedule, in the same way it always has been. Choosing a UKAS Accredited Supplier also provides an overview of other some factors you may wish to consider in conjunction with a UKAS accreditation certificate.

You will also notice that we have updated our certificate design. As is the situation currently, when an updated certificate is issued (i.e. for a change of company name or update of the standard) the old one immediately becomes obsolete as each certificate displays a unique issue date. However, with this move to electronic certificates for all accredited customers, there will naturally be a transitional period for our customers to update any existing display of their accreditation certificates (e.g. on their website). The new features of our E-Certificates will make doing this much quicker and simpler than it is with our current certificates so if you do come across an old certificate from an accredited organisation during the transition period, this does not necessarily mean they are no longer accredited. Please speak directly with the accredited organisation as they will be able to easily send their new certificate electronically.