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UKAS recognises that on occasion it may be necessary for our customers, or those using accredited services to raise a complaint with us. Details of how to raise a complaint with us can be found below. 


Complaints about a UKAS accredited body

If you have a complaint about a UKAS accredited body and/or a certificated company, please read our UKAS Complaints Leaflet prior to submitting a complaint. This leaflet details our role and remit as a national accreditation body and details the process to be followed when making a complaint about a UKAS accredited body.

Complaints about UKAS

If you are UKAS customer and wish to make a complaint, please submit this in writing to customerfeedback@ukas.com. Please include a full written summary of your complaint and any supporting information you consider relevant to your complaint.

If you would prefer to speak to someone before submitting a complaint, you can contact us via telephone.

 + 44 (0) 1784 429 000


Raising a concern with UKAS (whistleblowing)

You may be employed in an organisation that is accredited by UKAS and you may have concerns about what is happening where you work in terms of how your organisation complies with the requirements of accreditation. We would always encourage you to resolve any concern you have within your organisation first. However, if you have followed this route, or you do not feel able to raise a concern within your organisation, you can raise you concern in confidence with us at UKAS. Further information on “Raising a Concern” with UKAS can be found here.


Vexatious Complainants

We are committed to resolving complaints fairly and impartially. However, in a small minority of cases, some parties pursue their complaints in a manner which can either impede the investigation of their complaint or cause significant resource issues for UKAS. This can occur whilst a complaint is under investigation, or once we have finished dealing with the complaint.

UKAS has adopted the Local Government Ombudsman’s (LGO) definition of “unreasonable complainant behaviour” and “unreasonable persistent complaints” and this will be used when determining if a complainant should be considered as vexatious.

The time and effort needed to service vexatious complainants may hinder UKAS’ consideration of genuine complaints and impact our ability to provide a quality service. Therefore, we reserve the right to restrict contact with a complainant who we have deemed to be vexatious. Any decision taken to restrict contact with UKAS will be proportionate to the nature of the complainant’s contact with us at this time.

Where a complainant has been deemed to be vexatious, UKAS will inform them in writing of the reasons why a decision has been made to restrict contact, including detail of the arrangements, and the length of time any restriction will remain in place.


Appeals (UKAS customers only)

An applicant or accredited body may formally request UKAS to re-consider an adverse decision made which relates to its desired accreditation status. The applicant of accredited body should submit an appeal in writing to the UKAS Business Development Director (or nominated person), within one month of the date of written notification of the adverse decision.

UKAS operates a two-stage appeals process and guidelines regarding the process and how to submit an appeal can be found here.

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