» Overseas (non UK) application

As the United Kingdom’s National Accreditation Body, UKAS is first and foremost set-up to meet the needs of businesses and institutions within the United Kingdom. However, UKAS does consider applications for accreditation from organisations based outside of the United Kingdom and we have a growing number of non-UK customers who have a demonstrable need for UKAS accreditation.

Organisations based outside of the United Kingdom who wish to apply for UKAS Accreditation are strongly advised to contact the UKAS applications team to discuss their planned application prior to completing and submitting any documentation to UKAS.

UKAS Applications Team contacts:

Telephone: +44 (0)1784 427000
Email: apps@ukas.com

Organisations based outside of the United Kingdom will need to demonstrate a specific need for UKAS accreditation as opposed to that offered by their Local Accreditation Body (LAB) within their country. Justifications for needing UKAS accreditation include:

  • There is no LAB within the country that the organisation is based.
  • There is a LAB within the country that the organisation is based but that LAB is not a signatory to either the IAF or ILAC Multilateral agreements.
  • There is a LAB within the country that the organisation is based and the LAB is a signatory to either the IAF or ILAC Multilateral agreements, but not for the scope of accreditation sought.
  • The organisation requires UKAS Accreditation to support the acceptance of its services or products in other economies and accreditation from the organisations LAB will not provide this.
  • The LAB has stated that it is currently unable to provide accreditation to the organisation.

In all cases UKAS recommends that organisations initially contact their LAB (where available) to discuss how the LAB can support their needs prior to seeking accreditation from UKAS.

Please note that due to requirements of EU Legislative Framework – Regulation EC 765/2008 UKAS is not able to accept any applications from countries with a LAB that is a signatory to the European Cooperation for Accreditation Multi-Lateral Agreement. This is the case unless the organisation has written confirmation from the LAB that it is unable to provide them the accreditation they seek and that the LAB accepts the organisation can seek accreditation elsewhere.

Please be aware that UKAS will actively seek cooperation from the LAB when conducting assessments in countries where there is a LAB that is a member of the IAF or ILAC multi-lateral agreements, this may include the LAB observing the assessment or forming part of the assessment team. If the organisation has previously held accreditation from their LAB, UKAS will request information from the LAB as to the reason why accreditation is no longer in place for that organisation.

There are additional charges and conditions regarding payment for organisations based outside of the EU, such organisations are advised to read UKAS’ standard terms of business prior to making any application. UKAS is not required to accept applications from overseas applicants even where there is a valid reason for needing UKAS accreditation. UKAS will not accept applications where it considers that safety, security or political factors present in the country are likely to present a barrier to UKAS conducting its assessments appropriately. UKAS’ decision on the acceptance or rejection of an application from an overseas applicant is final.