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Accreditation: Delivering confidence and value from management systems certification

A management system is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organisation can fulfil all tasks required to achieve its objectives. A growing number of businesses, from the service sector to the manufacturing and engineering sectors, are seeking to have their management systems certified by a third party.

Whether responding to customer demand, looking to inspire shareholder confidence, or seeking internal improvement, management systems certification can demonstrate the competence of management and staff, impartiality and the avoidance of conflicts of interest.

UKAS accredits certification bodies against the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1 Conformity assessment - requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems  to deliver a range of management system certification programmes:

Quality Management Systems Certification (QMS) - (ISO 9001)

Medical Devices Quality Management Systems Certification - (ISO 13485)

Healthcare Services Quality Management Systems Certification - (ISO 9001 and BS EN 15224)

Environmental Management Systems Certification (EMS) - (ISO 14001)

Food Safety Management Systems Certification (FSMS) - (ISO 22000)

Information Security Management Systems Certification (ISMS) - (ISO/IEC 27001)

Business Continuity Management Systems Certification (BCM) - (ISO 22301)

Health and Safety Management Systems Certification (H&SMS) - (ISO 45001)

Information Technology Service Management System Certification (ITSMS) - (ISO/IEC 20000-1)

Supply Chain Security Management Systems Certification (SCSMS) - (ISO 28000)

Energy Management Systems Certification (EnMS) - (ISO 50001)

Asset Management Systems Certification (AMS) - (ISO 55001)

Management Systems for Quality of Private Security Company Operations (PSC) - (ANSI/ASIS PSC.1 and ISO 18788)

Fire Risk Management Systems Certification (FRMS) - (PAS 7)

Anti-Bribery Management Systems Certification (ABMS) - (ISO 37001)

Competence Management Systems Certification - (Energy and Utility Skills Group Competence Scheme - Gas Engineers, EU Skills Competence Management System v4 approved by Defra and the Welsh Government demonstrating technically competent management of their permitted activities)

UKAS is currently in the process of developing accreditation programmes for the following management system standards:

Event Sustainability Management Systems Certification - (ISO 20121)


Further information:

How to find a suitable accredited organisation?

A live directory of all UKAS organisations can be searched here.

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) support the following concise statement of outcomes that are to be expected as a result of accredited management systems certification. The intent is to promote a common focus throughout the entire conformity assessment chain in order to achieve these expected outcomes and thereby enhance the value and relevance of accredited certification.

A number of organisations in the UK provide non-accredited certification. The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recommends on its website that UK businesses, requiring certification services to source such services from certification bodies accredited by UKAS.

Further guidance is available on the Charted Quality Institute (CQI) website.