» Electronic Accreditation Certificates

UKAS transferred to electronic certificates of accreditation on Monday 9th December 2019. This initiative stems from our strategic priorities and marks the start of the modernisation and improvement of our online services for both customers and stakeholders.

UKAS has teamed up with Accredible, a leading provider of digital certificate solutions, to deliver a live database of all UKAS accredited certificates. This initiative will provide a mechanism for the validation of accreditation certificates through the use of QR code technology and blockchain, providing traceability back to UKAS whether the certificate is seen in electronic or printed form. Accredited organisations can now improve the visibility their accredited status with new options to display certificates digitally on websites and email signatures or share it on social media for promotion. The e-certificate platform allows accreditation certificates to be displayed alongside links to other important supporting information such as the Schedule of Accreditation document and guidance for businesses on the benefits of using accredited suppliers.

This video provides an overview of the platform and its features: 

More detailed information can be found in our E-certificate FAQs.

This electronic certificate does not replace the Schedule of Accreditation document. It sits alongside, and should be considered in conjunction with, the Schedule of Accreditation document as it is currently. There are no changes to the Schedule of Accreditation documents, and these are still available in the same area of the UKAS website. Please be aware that the launch of e-certificates will not affect the existing process around certificate updates. This will continue to be managed as part of the assessment process as it is currently. 

Certificate Transition

As is the situation currently, when an updated certificate is issued (i.e. for a change of company name or update of the standard) the old one immediately becomes obsolete as each certificate displays a unique issue date. Any display of your accreditation certificate, printed or digital, will need to be updated with your new certificate as soon as possible following the launch to avoid any discrepancies on your accredited status with your customers. The new features of our E-Certificates will make doing this much quicker and simpler than it is with our current certificates. However, we appreciate there will naturally be a transitional period for our customers to make these updates. The deadline for transition to the new certificate design is 31st December 2019 and this will be checked on your next assessment.