» Transition to revised standards

 Accreditation and Conformity Assessment Standards are subject to regular review and revision. When revised versions are published, a transition period for the implementation of the revised standard is set by the relevant international body; IAF or ILAC.

 After the close of the transition period, all accreditation certificates shall appropriately reference the revised standard.  Compliance is usually determined during normal surveillance or reassessment activities or in some cases as a separate activity.

 After the close of the transition period, conformity assessment bodies accredited to older versions of the revised standard will no longer be recognised.

 The decisions for the transition period for each revised standard, in the form of a General Assembly resolution, are published on the ILAC or IAF website.

 UKAS will publish technical bulletins to set out the requirements of each Standards transition which, where possible, will aim to minimise disruption and reduce additional cost.

Current standards development projects are available on the ISO CASCO site.