» How to use the IAF MLA Mark

As a full member of the International Accreditation Forum, and a signatory to its Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA), UKAS is recognised by other IAF members as providing an equivalent level of accreditation services enabling the certificates of its accredited bodies to be recognised globally. In recognition of this, UKAS accredited certification bodies are entitled to use the IAF MLA Mark to promote this global acceptance, provided they have signed an IAF MLA License Agreement with UKAS and only use the Mark in combination with the appropriate UKAS accreditation symbol as a combined mark.

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Certification Bodies are only permitted to use the IAF MLA Mark where:

  • The activity has been accredited by UKAS;
  • The activity falls within the sub scopes of the IAF MLA (Level 4 or 5);
  • The activity is covered by the scope of UKAS’s MLA (Details of this scope can be found on the IAF Website).

A new license agreement was issued by IAF in May 2016 which allowed Product Certification Bodies to use the IAF MLA Mark for product certification schemes or product standards endorsed by the IAF.

If a UKAS accredited certification body wishes to use the IAF MLA Mark then it will need to:-

  • Complete the highlighted sections of the License Agreement
  • Print and sign the completed Agreement
  • Forward the License Agreement to: Operations Support Team, UKAS, 2 Pine Trees, Chertsey Lane, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 3HR (or email a scanned copy to applications@ukas.com)

On receipt of the completed License Agreement, this will be signed and dated by UKAS, and subsequently returned to the body (with UKAS scanning a copy to be retained for its records). As soon as the signed Agreement is sent, UKAS will make a copy of the IAF MLA Mark available to the Certification Body in electronic format.

Please note the IAF MLA Mark cannot be used unless the accredited Certification Body has signed the License Agreement in place.

If you have any queries about the use of the IAF MLA Mark, please email applications@ukas.com