» How to resign your accreditation

Resignations of accreditation can be either full or partial.

A partial resignation is where you are accredited to more than one standard and wish to resign accreditation to just one of those standards. You should contact your Assessment Manager advising them to which standard you wish to resign, and they will discuss with you the actions necessary on both parties. The schedule of accreditation under the standard in question will be removed the UKAS website. Revised estimates for ongoing fees will be issued as appropriate. Please note the potential requirement for assessment detailed below.

If you wish the scope of accreditation under a particular standard reduced, or changed in any other way, you should contact your Assessment Manager who will talk you through our Schedule Change processes.

For full resignation of accreditation you must give 90 days written notice to your Assessment Manager. More than 90 days' notice can be given. Again, please note the potential requirement for assessment details below.

Where notice is given by a certification body, the organisation shall state the arrangements made, for the protection of clients holding accredited certification. Please refer to IAF document MD 2 regarding transfer of accreditation for details.

Depending on the interval between resignation and the last planned visit, an additional assessment may be necessary to provide assurance of continued compliance with accreditation requirements during the interval. This will be discussed with you by your Assessment Manager.

 Please be aware of the following requirements on organisations wishing to resign their accreditation:

* From the date of resignation your organisation must cease all work done under the UKAS accreditation affected by this resignation.

* Certificates or reports affected by this resignation, bearing a UKAS accredited symbol or making reference to your organisation being accredited by UKAS, must not be issued.

* Your organisation must inform current customers and those enquiring about UKAS accredited work affected by this resignation, of both the resignation of accreditation and the impact the resignation has on accredited services that your organisation supplied to that customer.

* Please remove from display and destroy any accreditation certificates and accreditation schedules related to the accreditation that has been resigned.

* Any advertising material (including yours and any related organisations websites and printed stationery) relating to work affected by this suspension  - that bears a UKAS accreditation symbol or makes reference to your organisation being accredited by UKAS - must be immediately revised or withdrawn from use.

The general terms of the UKAS Agreement remain in force for 90 days from the date of your notification. Pleas refer to Section 8 of the Agreement for details of the provisions that will stay in place subsequently. Please note that any unpaid invoices for your organisation will need to be paid in full. 

Schedules of Accreditation affected by any full resignation will be removed from the UKAS website. If 3rd parties contact UKAS to obtain information regarding your organisation's resignation, they will be informed that your organisation's accreditation has been resigned and the date that the resignation was effective from. If the 3rd party requires further details they will be directed to contact your organisation. 

If your organisation holds accreditation to certain sector schemes where confidentiality waivers are in place or is a notified body, then the relevant stakeholders may be informed of your resignation. 

Any organisation wishing to obtain accreditation following a resignation will be required to recommence the process with a new application.