» How to apply to be a Notified Body

Since EU Regulation (EC) 765/2008 came into effect, UKAS accreditation has become a key factor in the appointment of Notified Bodies, and similar bodies such as Designated Bodies, Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs) and Registered Third Party Training Organisations (RTPOs).

Bodies seeking appointment by a UK competent authority under relevant UK regulations or EC directives should first apply for accreditation by UKAS. Background information, including details of the relevant UK competent authorities, is given in UKAS Publication  and application should be made to UKAS using the Online Application Form.  Please note for applications in support of becoming a notified body, the applicant is also required to compete a confidentiality waiver, allowing UKAS to share certain information with the relevant UK competent authority.

Bodies wishing to be accredited under these arrangements should liaise with the appropriate competent authority (see the Appendix in UKAS Publication  for details) and take steps to ensure that they understand and comply with the relevant guidelines for appointment, as published by the relevant competent authority, and with the relevant regulations before applying to UKAS.

EA-2/17 M: 2016 EA Document on Notification for Accreditation Purposes is a mandatory document identifying the requirements that shall be used by National Accreditation Bodies when accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) seeking notification status. It is intended to apply to all National Accreditation Bodies that assess and accredit CABs for notification purposes, unless the Notifying Authority has officially established and published different requirements.

Not all UK competent authorities use UKAS accreditation to determine the technical competence and appropriate compliance of notified bodies. Some, such as MHRA for Medical Devices, have adopted other accepted processes.

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