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In addition to our commercial training courses, we provide advisory, capacity building and technical assistance services overseas in developing countries and transition economies. We have experience in working in more than 40 economies to improve their quality infrastructure systems and follow international best practice.

Funded by donors, stakeholders or accreditation bodies, these technical assistance projects cover a wide range of sectors, from healthcare, environment and climate change, forensic science, construction, manufacturing, procurement and governance.

Our team is made up of experienced accreditation experts who carry out a range of activities including gap analysis, documentation & template creation, developing assessor skills and techniques, sector and scheme development and on-site assessor support.

We work in-country with the aim of assisting economies to introduce international standards, accreditation and conformity assessment that they need to compete and trade in global markets. We also work with local and developing accreditation bodies to help develop, expand and strengthen their accreditation programs. We have significant experience of assisting overseas countries to set up and develop their national accreditation service and work towards international recognition, as well as partnering with overseas and international bodies seeking to further their learning in accreditation procedures, international standards and assessment skills.

UKAS often collaborates with UK UK Quality Infrastructure partners (UKQI), which comprises of  BSI (British Standards Institution) NMRO (National Measurement and Regulation Office), NPL (National Physical Laboratory) and UKAS. UKQI partners provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services to overseas governments wanting to build the capacity of their own National Quality Infrastructure. This includes:

  • Needs analysis in order to target the intervention in the most efficient and effective way
  • Legislative review and advice on how the regulatory framework can be improved
  • Consultancy and training
  • Technical assistance covering standards, accreditation, metrology and quality assessment

The UKQI also offers a range of specialist services.

Our commercial training team works closely with you to understand your needs and will develop a program unique to your organisation. We will try as much as possible to work within the time-frame you have identified.

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